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Where your passions meet their ​purpose! My PASSION is helping you ​discover yours and unlocking your ​unique talents to live your best life, all ​while gaining a renewed sense of ​CONFIDENCE!

Providing tailored coaching and ​consulting services to empower you to ​thrive. Let's embark on a journey of ​self-discovery and growth together!

What is CoachSulting

CoachSulting powerfully blends coaching for ​goal achievement with strategic consulting ​for unparalleled, transformative results.

What makes my services unique? Eileen Suarez ​CoachSulting is your pathway to exceptional success. ​Uniquely merging goal-centric coaching with strategic ​consulting, I provide personalized, one-on-one ​support through a strengths-based approach. Clients ​not only uncover their talents but also activate ​strengths, ensuring sustainable growth. Choose me ​for a transformative journey, where your success is ​not just a destination but a certainty. Elevate your ​potential with Eileen Suarez CoachSulting—where ​uniqueness meets unparalleled results!

-Michael Jordan

OUR MISSION is to inspire and motivate; guiding individuals towards discovering their ​passions, values, and talents and living their most fulfilled lives.

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Discover Your Best Life and Gain a Renewed ​Sense of Confidence and Purpose!

Discover true happiness by leveraging your unique strengths ​every day. I'm passionate about coaching and developing ​others, and I'm here to help YOU unlock your passions, values, ​and talents - turning them into strengths for a fulfilling life! ​Experience the renowned CliftonStrengths Finder Assessment ​and receive a personalized report of your Top 5 talents.

🌟 What You Get:

  • One-on-One Tailored Support
  • Strengths-Based Development Approach
  • Actionable, Sustainable Results
  • Flexible Session Packages

🌟 Services Offered:

  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Strengths-based Parenting Coaching
  • Strengths Workshops and Teambuilders

Your journey to living your best life starts here!

Strengths Discovery


Pre-Teen Boys and Girls

Ignite Your Child's Confidence with our UNIQUE ​StrengthsExplorer Workshop!

Searching for a dynamic, transformative experience that taps into your ​child's natural talents and boosts their confidence? Look no further than the ​StrengthsExplorer Workshop—an unparalleled journey for kids to discover ​and nurture their unique strengths!

Why Choose Us:

We celebrate each child's uniqueness, recognizing that differences are the ​key to success. This workshop focuses on illuminating strengths, guiding ​children to discover their "superpowers" through engaging activities, and ​empowering them to set meaningful goals. With a personalized and ​celebratory approach, I ensure a transformative experience that nurtures ​individuality and cultivates a foundation for future success.

🌟 What to Expect:

  • Interactive Workshop for Elementary and Middle School Aged Children
  • Tailored to Unleash Your Child's Potential
  • World-Renowned Clifton StrengthsExplorer Assessment
  • Personalized Report with Top 3 Talents and Actionable Steps for a ​Brighter Future

🌟 Results You Can Expect:

  • Increased Resilience and Confidence
  • Better Understanding of Innate Abilities
  • Enhanced Productivity and Engagement in School
  • Hopeful Outlook for the Future

Your child will walk away inspired and ready to conquer the world!

Comillas Negras

SO inspring!

Comillas Negras
Comillas Negras

It was

a lot of FUN and I enjoyed meeting new


Comillas Negras
Comillas Negras

The workshop made me

feel confident and strong!

Comillas Negras

Dream Big




9-15 years Old

College Students Standing Close Together

Welcome to the CliftonStrengths for Students ​Experience!

Uncover your unique talents and embark on a journey of ​self-discovery. Join over 30 million individuals who have ​transformed their lives through Gallup's renowned ​CliftonStrengths Assessment.

🌟 Discover Your Strengths: Explore 34 research-validated ​talent themes that define you. Receive a personalized report ​that empowers you to thrive in every aspect of life.

🌟 Personalized Coaching: Dive into one-on-one coaching ​sessions tailored to your life and career aspirations. Gain ​assistance with mock interviews, scholarship essays, and ​expert guidance on resume building.

🌟 Shape Your Future: Be prepared for the workplaces of ​tomorrow by focusing on what you do best. Our program is ​designed to support your well-being and unleash your ​potential, preparing you to lead in the future.

Don't just dream about success—make it a reality with ​CliftonStrengths for Students!


for students

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"Eileen is such a treasure!"

"She is a top notch coach who can provide career coaching advice to all ​ages including adults, college age students and kids in high school and ​middle school.

What I love most about Eileen is that she helps you connect the dots on ​your superpowers and how you can use these to be the best version of ​yourself. Her coaching skills are exceptional, no matter what stage you ​are in with your career.

After attending the Strengths Explorer Workshop, my 11 year old daughter​ came away with confidence, knowing exactly what her top three talents​ are. She had so much fun with the exercises and gave the workshop 5​ stars! I highly recommend Eileen!"​

- Jeanine T.​

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"Eileen’s workshop was the wake up call

I needed to get back to who I am"

“After the workshop, I scheduled more time with Eileen to further ​discuss my StrengthsFinder Assessment; what happened next I could ​not have predicted. With one hour, Eileen’s coaching style, her ​exercises, teachings, and evaluation allowed me to tap into an area ​within myself that I had left unexplored. I allowed myself to tap into ​where my true passions lied professionally and it catapulted me to take ​further action in my professional development. She gave me a safe ​space where I could explore myself through strengths and true ​ambitions. This whole process has made me regain the confidence I ​once lost and has given me hope and excitement for what the future ​holds.”

-​ Cesar D.

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"I highly recommend Eileen! She’s a fantastic coach, instructor, and ​amazing with kids!"

“My son attended the StrengthsExplorer workshop and loved it! He was ​apprehensive going into the session, but he had a great time, learned a ​lot and thanked me afterwards!! He was proud to hang up the ​strengths affirmation poster, he made during the session, on his wall ​in his room! He keeps asking me if he can go to another session with ​her again!”

- Brandi H.

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" If the phrase 'value-add' could be personified, it would be

Eileen Suarez"

“Eileen's coaching sessions have improved my productivity, helpe​d me isolate areas for improvement, and hone in on my strengths. S​he's consistently demonstrated a high aptitude for coaching​ and development, and I often leave our coaching sessions with a ren​ewed passion for personal development. Eileen's knowledg​e and perspective has helped shape my career for the better, and I co​nsider myself immensely fortunate to be able to learn from​ ​her.”

- Ch​ris V.

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"She truly makes the world a better place!"

Eileen Suarez is one of th​e​ most amazing people I know and I have the pleasure of calling her ​friend. She truly makes the world a better place. Her excitement is con​tagious and she is so genuine. My son attended one of her strength​s based workshops and loved it!"

- Alicia D.

Meet Your Coach ​Eileen Suarez

Eileen Suarez is a highly accomplished business professional with over 20 ​years of experience. Throughout her corporate career she has served as a ​trusted advisor, mentor, facilitator, consultant, and coach. Eileen is a lifelong ​learner and has a Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Texas at San ​Antonio and a Masters in Organizational Development from the University of ​Incarnate Word. In addition to her formal education, Eileen has professional ​certifications which include: World Coach Institute Master Certified Career, ​Leadership, and Executive Coach, Gallup Certified Global Strengths Coach, ​Palladium Kaplan-Norton Certified Balanced Scorecard, Certified Scaled Agile ​Program Consultant, University of Texas at Austin IC2 Innovation Certification, ​Toastmasters Advanced Communicator and Advanced Leadership Bronze, ​and Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. Eileen has experience successfully building ​and implementing operating models, onboarding, and professional ​development programs for a Fortune 500 company. Eileen's passion for ​learning and development and helping others ignited her drive to start Eileen ​Suarez CoachSulting. She brings her personal experience, knowledge, ​expertise, and passion for personal and professional development to help you ​unlock your talents, achieve goals, and reach your full potential!


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